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staples paper stock options

Start with Staples® to discover paper+stock available now. Browse by desired features, paper+stock on sale, prices and ratings. Start with Staples® to discover white+card+stock+paper available now. Browse by desired features, white+card+stock+paper on sale, prices and ratings. Multi-colour card stock for creative and durable projects. Colors include: Lift-Off Lemon (Yellow Paper), Solar Yellow Paper, Galaxy Gold Paper, Cosmic Orange Paper, Solar White Paper, Pulsar Pink Paper, Plasma Pink Paper, Rocket Red Paper, Re-Entry Red Paper, Orbit Orange Paper, Fireball Fuchsia (Pink Paper), Outrageous Orchid (Purple Paper), Planetary Purple Paper, Gravity Grape (Purple.

Staples Paper Stock Options

From different weights, finishes, coatings and types of paper, you'll want to pick the best look and feel for your business and personal aesthetic. Business Card Paper Types The first step in designing your business card is choosing the type of paper it will be printed on. Regular card stock — The standard business card option. Cost effective and typically used by companies that are printing cards in bulk. Premium card stock — A little thicker than regular card stock, premium card stock can be coated or staples paper stock options, giving it a more substantial feel.

Plastic — To really stand out, some professionals opt for thicker plastic versions of business cards. This level of customization isn't always available, but it certainly makes a statement.

That's why paper weight and thickness are so important when designing your card, staples paper stock options. A sturdy card that's resistant to accidental bending and creasing will help you project a clean, polished image. Business card paper thickness is typically measured in points. The higher the point value the thicker the card.

One point pt. Premium, ultra-thick cards can be up to 32 pts. Thickness is a personal preference, but you shouldn't print on anything less than 14 card stock. Gloss vs. Matte Business Cards Gloss-finish cards have a slight sheen to them and reflect light. If your business card uses a lot of color or includes a photo, staples paper stock options, a glossy finish may be the most attractive option.

Matte-finish cards have a smooth surface, but lack the shiny, reflective patina of a glossy card. If your card has a lot of text and very little color, a classic matte finish may be the best choice. Special Paper Card Options Here are a few unique, less-commonly used paper options for business cards that can really help you stand out, staples paper stock options.

Staples paper stock options can be raised as well. Linen — A type of textured business card, this elegant special finish mimics the look and feel of linen fabric.

UV Coating — Made from a compound dried under ultraviolet light, UV coating helps prevent your business cards from fading. Painted Edge staples paper stock options For a special touch, some cards can have colored or foiled edges, giving them a distinctive look when viewed from the side.

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staples paper stock options


No Drilling: if you do not wish to have 3-hole paper, select No Drilling. Drilling: if you wish to have your copy job produced on 3-hole paper, select Drilling. Note that if you wish to have your copies placed in a 3-ring binder, you must provide the binders to your selected Staples® Copy & Print Center, and pay for that option separately. Cutting. Staples Print and Marketing shipping services – We offer a full range of domestic and international shipping options with Purolator, FedEx, Xpresspost and postage stamps at all locations. staples paper stock options Staples Crossroads Center offers a first class selection of top brands including Apple, Microsoft, HP, Canon, Epson and Dell. You will find paper, ink and toner and the latest tech and cleaning and breakroom supplies, plus print and copy services in our store.