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f x latest news

The official source for the latest news and information about the F Lightning II 5th generation fighter aircraft. Catch the latest F news and updates from F operators, suppliers, news outlets and Lockheed Martin. First Female FB Pilot August 12, May 14,  · allkpop works around the clock to be the first to deliver minute to minute breaking news, gossip, and the most exclusive coverage on the hottest K-pop stars. May 31,  · Pundi X News. The main recent event of the project was the presentation of a smartphone that operates outside the networks of mobile operators, the so-called “world’s first blockchain phone call” (it was presented on Medium website in early October, ). The Pundi team was one of the first companies, which transferred the blockchain to the area of telephony, data transfer and storage.

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Military Tech The aviation world is abuzz with rumors that the U. Air Force is evaluating the purchase of a brand-new FX model of the legendary year-old F Eagle twin-engine fighter. These air-superiority fighters are fast Mach 2. Because the factory line will remain open through and the technologies have all already been developed, Boeing could skip over f x latest news development phase and plans to offer the FX at f x latest news presumably low fixed cost—rare in an industry known for gigantic cost-overruns.

The USAF, for its part, could inexpensively adopt a plane for which it already has existing infrastructure and familiarity. New strengthened wings and more fuel-efficient F turbofan engines would give the FX a remarkable 20,hour flight life, enough to last many decades of service. Several avionic upgrades would have tactical implications. A built-in Legion Pod carrying an IRST21 infrared-search and track system would outfit the Fs with a high-resolution sensor with added utility against stealth aircraft.

A variant of the powerful APG V 3 radar outfitted on most FCs, the APG incorporates Radar Frequency Tunable Filters which allow the radar to simultaneously scan and jam at full efficiency and also features a digital maintenance capability that decreases upkeep requirements twenty-fold, f x latest news.

Is it worthwhile? The Air Force will never buy this jet. It is useless inside heavily defended airspace if we are dealing with any sort of real military force. However, funding would ultimately have to come from somewhere. Radar-equipped adversaries will detect an F conspicuous profile from well over a hundred miles away and have a chance to shoot at or evade it, while an F would be able to f x latest news much closer.

So are their roles an FX could perform more efficiently than an F to justify maintaining them? Interceptors traditionally require long range, high speeds, heavy payloads and farseeing sensors to patrol large swaths of airspace and swiftly detect, close with and destroy as many incoming attackers as possible.

However, for peacetime or lower-intensity air defense purposes think the conflict over Syriaf x latest news, a stealthy airframe might not always be desirable. For example, it might be preferable to chase off a bomber before it releases weapons than destroy one after it has launched its payload.

In permissive environments where air defenses are minimal, however, the FX might be a more efficient strike platform than the F In general, f x latest news, a fast, long-range and heavy-lifting platform like the F Eagle could be useful for deploying heavy payloads ranging from electronic warfare pods, anti-satellite or ballistic missiles systems, hypersonic missiles to drone swarms.

Therefore, f x latest news, the real question is effectively whether to roughly double the number of multi-role Eagles in the Air Force inventory, or simply retire the air superiority types. The worthwhileness of the FX concept comes down to whether you believe the Air Force should pay to maintain a lower-tier force of cost-efficient fighters to handle missions that don't require the F's special capabilities, namely air defense of coastlines, munition hauling, and ground support in semi-permissive environments.

However, those more preoccupied with high-intensity conflict scenarios with China or Russia will likely feel more skeptical of diluting the F force to purchase older, less survivable jets.


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f x latest news


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